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Richard Steiner is an average high school senior who by chance finds something rather extraordinary online.

A Simple Ghost Story. Sequel to Somno-Heroines; Lord Somno finds himself on a plane bound down under and he has to pass the time with the stewardess and the beautiful financial advisor in first class. Ebony women nude photos. A man suddenly discovers that he has the power of mind-control while sitting in a restaurant. Lesbian superheroine mind control. Shelly is a submissive girl, intrigued by hypnosis, and is both excited and scared when her boyfriend offers to show her how it can enhance their relationship.

Has her co-worker something to do with it? It guides desire, resists temptation, and shapes the world. Soldier Slave—Addicted to Uniform. Or do anything but stare at the mysterious stranger standing in the middle of campus. Emma enjoys blackmailing and dominating her coworker Mark. Sasha has a special gift for her girlfriend Lily, a very special pair of stockings sure to help her clear her head and make her a bit curvier.

But will temptation get the better of her first? Scent of a Catwoman. Riley steele nude sex. With almost half a billion dollars on the line, will Richard be able to resist the temptation of an office crush? Roxy Blaze, an up and coming female wrestler, has fought and clawed her way up the ladder for a title shot. Student Becomes the Master. Sharon and Sharon Alike. A shoemaker persuades an ambitious buyer for a high-fashion clothing store to try on a pair of dramatic platform boots.

The brother of a disgraced financial manger comes to his aid after an alleged case of sexual harassment.

A handsome and overtly sexual man uses his craft to encourage the swift surrender of the men he desires. Shelley Finally Gets It! May and Jo get aducted after checking into a ladies-only hostel and are assimilated into the Sisterhood of one master and many female bodies Jennifer may have found her perfect lover. Don't know if still looking for itbut found part 1 and 2 here. A mercenary runs afoul of an ancient Egyptian Goddess who absorbs all her knowlege before turning her into a very imaginative bimbo slavegirl And at what cost to him?

Avast, ye scurvy lubber! Nadine identifies with the computer-simulated people she has been playing with. A sinister organization is behind it all, using a number of specially trained operatives to carry our their tasks, operatives that are, themselves, completely unaware that they ARE operatives

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When two girls, lesbian lovers move into the apartment next to his, John takes the opportunity to wedge himself into their relationship as a third wheel.

A Sister-In-Law to Worship. Take a ride to the kinky side with the good doctor as she discovers why girls have more fun with She indulges when she can.

A piece of advanced technology that will give him hypnotic sway over the curvaceous crusader. Nude yoga pants girls. A Slave Forever Now. The Symbiot Lisa Teez. A group of warriors strike back against a twisted, mind-poisoning and body-altering invasion from another continent.

More dreams and he may have the ability to control those around him. Shirley wins a free vacation via an exotic foreign airline that has many surprises for their riders. David finds himself drawn to the hotel room of a magician he had seen perform earlier that evening. Servile With a Smile.

Stacy Werd and the Mystery Mesmerer.

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Cynthia works for a small company that recruits impressionable young women straight out of college. Lesbian superheroine mind control. Scenes From a Life. Robyn foster lesbian porn. Evil wastes no time enjoying his new prize. Slipping Into My Suit. Yeah, and please upload the full version if you can Report. A Story for Matthew. The other two men on the show have no such qualms. Such an Interesting New Experience.

Xev Bellringer Mind Control slut stepsister While in the sauna, something caught her eye Scent of a Woman. Big tita milf. A man who can enter the minds of other people decides to interfere in the lives of two women he sees on a train. The Succubus Master Gharlane. A Song of Dominance. This is the tale of Amanda Carter and her journey from the plain and typical to a life less ordinary.


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