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Damon later goes back to the mansion, where Bill is.

They come directly to Elena's home afterwards, explaining that she wanted out of the tomb, if they wanted the moon stone. International users, click here.

He was injected with Vervain and put in the basement of the Gilbert Building to be burned alive. Neve campbell nude video. Damon salvatore naked. She reminds him that she's still herself and has the same feelings as when she was human. At the Salvatore boarding house, Damon waits until Alaric is revived, apologizing, but saying that he's fed up that everyone wants to change him.

He survives, thanks to an impeccably timed appearance by Katherine, who arrives with a cure to save his life. Damon comes home to find Stefan devouring as many blood-bags as possible. It was revealed in The Cellthat Damon turned off his humanity in the 's because he couldn't deal with the pain of leaving Enzo behind while escaping from the Augustine Society.

Later, Damon leads Caroline upstairs and takes a yellow crystal from a secret compartment in one of the objects on displays; a large wooden box. Later that day, when Stefan returned after being unable to resist feeding on his own father, and inadvertently completing the transition, he forced Damon to drink from a young woman's neck, causing Damon to also complete his transition.

Stefan, Damon and Klaus finally agree to save Elena and Caroline together. Later, when Elena visits the Salvatore Boarding House in search of Stefan, Damon is there instead, and he implies that his brother is on the "rebound" from a recently lost love. Elena enters and they argue about him being so reckless, and that she doesn't want him to be that way.

While wandering around during the Founder's Day Celebration, Damon encounters Annawho tells him the tomb vampires will be killing the founding families as soon as the fireworks start. Sexy hot nude cheerleaders. He tries to take it, but it burns his hand when he touches it and Bonnie runs away from him. Meredith tells him that she injected vampire blood into Elena to heal her cerebral hemorrhage, and that she would have died without her help causing him to be upset and shocked.

Stefan reveals that he saved his brother because Klaus' hybrids would have killed Damon. They work together to find a way back to Mystic Falls. Damon was furious with Stefan, but Stefan agreed to work with him to rescue her.

She asks Damon to spearhead the Town Council while she's acting as interim-mayor. Damon is then shown walking into a room where Stefan is informing Elena he got her text, but he has his neck broken by Stefan who respects Elena's decision to meet Esther. Once they're finished, Elena invites Stefan in immediately, but makes Damon promise to listen to her. When Alaric mentions his dead wife, Damon realizes the connection between Stefan's questioning and decides to torment Alaric about it.

When Bonnie leaves, Damon attempts to bring up the fact that they kissed, but Elena blows him off, saying she has no idea what he's talking about. He is so hot Judged: He returns as Elena is trying to leave again and physically restrains her, antagonizing Stefan.

He finally explains that it was all a plan to save her life and keep her as their secret weapon. Stefan stops him, but Katherine continues to play with his emotions, wondering when Damon got so hot. Sexy lesbian breasts. Just In All Stories: Jeremy later delivers wolfs bane, which Damon uses to further his torture of Mason.

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Alaric tells him that is what he's saying. Later, he talks to Stefan about Elena's disappearance. Lesbian fuck hard porn. Damon salvatore naked. He has to find out that Klaus has convinced the mayor that his hybrids would protect Tyler and the town. He attacks Bonnie, trying to prove that she's not strong enough, but she blows him across the room, revealing that she can kill any vampire, no matter how strong.

Damon surmises that Stefan is dodging him after finding out about Elena dancing and feeding with Damon at the frat party, but Elena reveals she didn't tell Stefan about it. Shortly after her death and subsequent transition into a vampire, Elena's feelings for Damon are heightened which makes her admit her love for him and they start a romantic relationship in Season Four. He is soon reunited with Bonnie who made it out of the prison world and shows him a video of a mysterious ladywho turns out to be Damon's mother.

In the present, Damon feeds Vicki more of his blood while also feeding on her, and the two of their get drunk together and begin dancing around the house. Damon goes from there to the Mystic Grillwhere he immediately goes for Jules. Damon promises whenever Stefan would go too far, he would pull him back. Subscribe Now Add to my Tracker. Black lesbian pussy licking porn. He is worried because Stefan refuses to drink blood.

She chains him to a chair, which is ironically similar to the way he tortured Mason Lockwood to death, and questions him about the moon stone. Stefan and Damon are almost killed during this rescue, but they're spared by the warlock Jonas Martinwho was working with Elijah. Search Ian Somerhalder Forum Now. To further antagonize his brother and give the Town Council a scapegoat, Damon kills a man in the alley near the Mystic Grill and compels a woman to tell everyone it was Lexi that killed her companion.

When he gets too close, Lexi pins him to the bed and tells him not to ruin her time with Stefan, threatening him with bodily harm.

Elijah flees, leaving Damon to drive Elena home on his own. He also tells Vicki about the compass he took from Logan. Then, Damon talks to Klaus that he has no idea if Stefan is really going to kill Elena and advises Klaus to obey. Black girl ass in jeans. Share your thoughts with the world. Elena decides that she's going to the Grill, and Damon tells her to get as close as she can before killing Connor.

Damon watches over her after putting her back in his bed, where he reacts coldly to Elena's presence.

He returns as Elena is trying to leave again and physically restrains her, antagonizing Stefan. Alaric and Damon are at the bar when Mason appears, hitting Damon in the head with a glass.

After he reminds Elena of another compelled memory she got back, she doesn't respond and Damon leaves.

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That night, Elena has one final talk with Damon, letting him know that she is choosing Stefan. Damon, MattDr. He didn't realize that Stefan had spiked her drink while dancing with her, and that he'd just consumed enough Vervain to render him harmless.

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He also snaps at Rose, denying that he cares about her. He frees Stefan from his captivity in the cellar and goes to a bar with him. Stefan responds by throwing a knife into Damon's chest, something Damon doesn't seem to feel, and though Damon admits he deserves it, he later stabs Stefan back for ruining one of his John Varvatos shirts. Andy whitfield naked. Sexy asian lesbians have sex Katherine tells him that if Elijah dies, she's stuck in the tomb forever, begging him not to kill the Original.

The two of them bicker on the front porch, but Elena is surprised to find an injured Jeremy waiting for her. Go ahead tell your Saint Stefan what I did, see what I care. Stefan darkly thanks him for being in love with Elena, if only it means Elena is being protected. In Hauntedwhen Stefan is trying to help Vicki adjust to her new life, Damon acts offended that the murder of Logan Fell isn't in the newspaper, and he says that someone is covering it up. She starts to say she doesn't want to be that way, and Damon finishes her sentence to say she doesn't want to be like him.

This injection would cause him to crave vampire blood and he would not be able to stop feeding until he had killed. Damon salvatore naked. Damon promises whenever Stefan would go too far, he would pull him back. He meets Alaric at the bar, who's been having a conversation with the woman. Naked or nude. Stefan says he's only sparing him because he saved his life, but he's done with him. She wants to comfort him, but his anger gets the best of him and he bites her.

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Oily naked massage The group takes turns releasing a lantern into the sky after memorializing lost loved ones, but Damon refuses to participate and leaves. As he shuts the door, she tries to stop him by claiming that Elena is in danger. Inappropriate posts may be removed by the moderator.
Sexy ameture milf He comforts her when she realizes what she's done, picking her up and carrying her back to the Salvatore Boarding House. In the midst of their daring plan, they were both shot and killed by Giuseppe, who was ashamed of his sons for sympathizing with and loving a vampire.
Wwe lesbian video There they talk about brotherly bond and he helps to hide the fact that Stefan bites the barkeeper several times. Damon jumps at the idea, and Elijah agrees.
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