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Naked in gym shower

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Where do I keep my clothes? Doctor 34 19 1. Don't spend any more time or attention on your junk than is required to wash and rinse it. Sexy polish girls nude. Hang your towel on the shower stall door or on top of the shower head if there isn't a towel hook.

To make matters worse, the two I seem to remember the most would always make some "Woah - Cold! Apr 11, Posts: Shower Rub Down 2 comments 3: As long as you aren't looking all around and focusing on getting clean, you won't cause any breach of etiquette.

Wearing plastic slide sandals is best in a locker room environment, not just in the shower or wet areas, but in the locker room itself. Apr 7, Posts: Jun 17, Posts: I don't mind people being naked in a locker room. Naked in gym shower. Logging in every time I make a post is getting old. Apr 8, Posts: Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I have every reason to hate nude men with hairy bunny holes stretching spread eagled in the sauna, but I just look away and realize nobody is perfect.

The only one that I would consider slightly odd, once on arm day, I was resting in between sets. Some of the things that have run through my mind as I contemplate taking a shower at the gym: Rob Banzai Ars Praefectus Tribus: It goes right down the drain, and there is no reason to waste another gallon of water by insisting that the guy hold it and flush it down the toilet instead.

If there's some cultural ambiguity about social customs, please assume for the purposes of this question that we're talking about the United States. Beautiful girl nude body. That will answer your question. Once the door is closed and the shower area is concealed, it's up to me how I wish to conduct myself behind that door.

Feb 16, Posts: I used to attend a similar gym with a large locker room area, and an open "wet" area with stall showers, hot tub, steam room, sauna, massage room, wash sinks, and toilet stalls. These rules are kind of silly. I don't need to be your intimate friend to be comfortable naked around you.

I also found this was more common wearing stuff in the shower when I lived in the USA. I was outta there faster than I can describe. I'm there to change my clothes and shower. Shower at home where the only freak is me.

Originally posted by Da Fish: A few guys like to do it naked.

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May 24, Posts: I just turned around and left. Some of those rules are really kind of prudish.

How small is it flaccid, how long erect? The showers stayed sparkling clean and disinfected all day. Black and white lesbian sex. What is the proper procedure for showering in a gym locker room? It was rare to see anyone walk around with a towel or suit.

Originally posted by DrBobguy: Live and be like the Greeks! Originally posted by shannim: In my own private space, sure no problem, naked is my middle name. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

There was some guy naked, eating a sandwich tonight when I walked into the locker room tonight. Would love to see one of these films. Naked in gym shower. They have made bathroom stalls ever more private. Little kids having someone else brush sand off their private parts while someone puts their artificial limb in a straw tote bag. Don't make a mountain out of a molehill.

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I gotta ask how much time you are spending watching other dudes showering that you notice this? Never heard any joking about stuff like that. The City by the Bay Registered: Besides nobody has anything that you haven't seen before. Squirting lesbian gallery. I don't care how you handle your foreskin under the shower: That will answer your question. Them using a towel is as inconsequential to you as you seeing their dick is to them. Fri Mar 23, 3: Major D 99 1 1. In my Dad's high School and many others at the time, the guys gym class all swam naked.

That unless you are young and look like a greek god, you ought to be ashamed among other naked men and not use the locker room? At my University gym there's a gang shower. Took only a few minutes.

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Strutting around in the buff with their towels over their shoulders. They treat urban loneliness and personal shame as a product problem — with a product solution. I see similar things at the locker room in my company's tiny excercise room. Girl naked voyeur. Pro football players would laugh at your suggestions. A 40 something white guy walked up next to me, ostensibly to get to his locker. Took only a few minutes. Originally posted by sergeremi: Many guys get on their soap box about itand they sound like the church lady when they say stuff like "its disgusting".

I go after dinner in my workout gear with my iPod and keys. Asian girl sexy nude I've never quite reconciled with myself whether that's a good or bad thing. However, IMHO, brushing your teeth is a bit much This is going to sound like a stupid question. Naked in gym shower. Why are you looking, is that what your insecurity is, are you projecting onto others? Again I think it depends on the local atmosphere.


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